Expense Management & Payments

EMS provides Expense Management and Automated low cost payments, which are compliant, efficient, auditable and tailored to your requirements.

We ensure that Expense Management is an easy experience, in line with both local legislation and company policies. Our systems are intuitive, fully integrated with payroll, tax, compensation and benefits. We track, monitor and record all your international expenses into a single consolidated report and report/feedback data into a myriad of formats. EMS reimburses employees in a timely manner and provides BIK information either directly to you or into the payroll system.

Intuitive and integrated into a single consolidated service

By coordinating with our local host tax providers, vendors and banks, we provide you with guidance on local legislation, tax efficiencies and guarantee that you are cost effective and compliant.

EMS provides the end to end process, data and reporting including the following:

Management of payments against Client Expense Policy

Treasury Services

Compliant data management and Taxation

Full reporting and Management Information

Provision of secure systems and/or integration with client existing systems

Payment of expenses directly into employee bank accounts and taxes to relevant authorities

Tracking and BIK reporting to local authorities and Tax provider/team

As EMS also provides payroll and mobility management, we understand the context into which expense management fits, offer full transparency with greatly reduced costs and increased efficiencies worldwide.

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